Virtway informs about successful sales of Odourless Na14

Virtway informs about successful sales of Odourless Na14

Virtway Invest is proud to inform that the first charge of Odourless Na14 has been completely sold out within a few weeks. The company has also received the next order for Na14 to supply a new charge to the local Apoteket Stores in Sweden and their Webshop.

In addition to this we will expand the range of goods for Na14 by some new product-variants to increase sales and revenues.

After the successful start of sales in the Apoteket Webshop for Na14 the company is happy that the management of Apoteket decided to get the product also the local stores. After only a few weeks the company was informed that the sales of Na14 exceeded all expectations and the VIRTWAY has to supply new charges to Apoteket. This implies the local but also the Webstore of Apoteket. To support this positive impression Na14 has been focused in the regular Newsletter of Apoteket as well.

Furthermore the management of VIRTWAY INVEST decides to expand the product-portfolio of Na14 to a roll-on solution next to the pad to meet the demands and expectations of our clients and to maximize the product benefits. VIRTWAY believes also that a diversification of the fields of application will have an positive impact for sales and finally the brand recognition.

As mentioned in a another Press Releases VIRTWAY’s management is in negotiations with companies who want to install the products on their markets, including the region of Spain, Russia,Turkey and Greece. VIRTWAY strongly believes that other partners from other countries will follow soon.

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