In 2018, the venture capital company Brightly Ventures was founded. Behind the initiative is Kerstin Cooley, Andy Johnston and Katja Bergman - all with a background from the investment company Moor. Also on the new journey is the Tobii founder John Elvesjö.

Brightly Ventures is investing in young tech companies and has previously joined Acuminor, which works with risk assessment, and the company Open Payments. “We have five areas that we think are particularly interesting: fintech, deeptech, marketplaces, new media and digital health. There we look extra carefully, ”says Kerstin Cooley.

Brightly Ventures made its first investment early in 2019, in the company Acuminor. “Acuminor has an exceptionally strong and driven team, with knowledge difficult to gain. They turn to a large and international market that needs to be digitized. And they take on a serious problem in the global financial market, ”says Kerstin Cooley.


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