Human beings can smell ten thousand different scents. Fragrances and odors consist of particles that we take in with our noses. This means that when you smell something, you actually breathe in small particles of what smells. Not all smells are nice, and there are definitely some particles we want to avoid. 

Our products remove the particles that smell bad, and the bad smell disappears without being covered by a different scent. Our products are made of natural materials and have no negative impact on either people or the environment. Our products are not tested on animals.

Thomas Oden at Oden AB invented the fragrance-free natural deodorizer Yocoair 20 years ago, and has since sold this product successfully through some of Sweden’s leading retailers such as Mekonomen, ÖoB, Stadium, Clas Ohlson and Anticimex. 

Last year a new product was patented. Na14 is a deodorant, free of aluminum salts, alcohol, perfume, biocides, and parabens. Today it is sold at leading pharmacies such as Apoteket, Apoteket Hjärtat, and Apotea. 

The products can be used in a wide range of situations, since they neutralize most bad smells. Sales have been conducted on a small scale over the years without customer visits or any significant marketing. Both the product and the market are now ready for vigorous expansion, both nationally and internationally. 

Today, Odourless Sweden AB owns the exclusive right to produce, market, and sell the product outside of Scandinavia and has filed patent applications in all major markets except Sweden. We are negotiating the acquisition of Odén AB which owns the patent and has the exclusive right to sell the products in Sweden. 

Odourless will over a period of three years take the company to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia. 

CEO, Odourless Sweden AB

Some of Na14 & Yocoair's retailers

Yocoair has been on the Swedish market for over 20 years.
Na14 has been sold at Swedish pharmacies since 2016.


Na14 is a Swedish-made natural deodorant that eliminates the smell of sweat and reduces sweating. The product is unscented and has no odor of its own.

Na14  is patented in Sweden, and patent applications have been filed in all major markets. The formula has through previous experience been shown to bind different kinds of smells, among other things the smell of sweat. The formula is based on a unique combination of naturally occurring inorganic salts, but  no aluminum salts. The deodorant comes in three variations: roll-on, dab-on, and spray. It immediately eliminates smell from underarm sweat and sweat smell on clothes. Na14 does not contain: perfume, alcohol, aluminum salts, biocides, or parabens.

The deodorant is gentle to the skin and to our external environment. No tests have been done on animals. Na14 is recommended by the Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association (delegation decision number 29/15) and by the Swedish Patient Association for Hyperhidrosis which represents people suffering from Hyperhidrosis, a morbid overproduction of sweat. Members of the association who tested Na14 welcome an alternative that does not adversely affect the skin during frequent and prolonged treatment. 

The target audience is people who want to avoid conventional deodorants that contain, for example, aluminum salts, alcohols, biocides, and fragrances. The problem with conventional deodorants and antiperspirants is that substances such as aluminum salts and biocides have been shown to possibly be linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and breast cancer. 

Switzerland is considering banning all deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum salts. Demand is already high for deodorants that are green and do not contain any dangerous substances.

This demand will only increase as consumers become more and more aware of deodorants’ influence on us, as well as on our environment.


Yocoair eliminates odor in your home, car, or other spaces. Instead of spraying the smell with chemicals with artificial scent, Yocoair removes the smell. The same applies if someone or something smells like smoke, cat pee, or foot sweat. The uses are almost endless, and the effect is scientifically proven by Linköping University.



You can quickly remove odors by spraying the room or directly on the place that smells. For use on clothes, shoes, gloves, rugs, sports equipment, etc. 


The cushion is hung where there is some air circulation as, for example, in the car, bus, trailer, toilet, garbage rooms, wardrobe, hotel rooms. The cushion removes odor from, wet dog, dead rat, smoke, etc. 


Decontaminate furniture, carpets, textiles, cat boxes, bird cages with powder. Effectively neutralizes odors. The content consists of natural substances. It’s so natural that people allergic to smells can use it. 


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