"We are a Spanish IT-company focusing on virtual world technology. We have been building virtual worlds for over 10 years now. We started using third part technologies, but about six years ago we decided that we could do better. 

So we started developing our own technology. In the beginning we did a lot of consulting work and were unable to focus on our own virtual world development. That changed in 2013 when Virtway Invest got involved. Since then we have been given the chance to focus 100% on developing our own unique technology. 

We are the only provider of technology which allows users access using stationary computers, game consoles, as well as mobile platforms like mobile phones and tablets. 

The key point is that the platform is independent. It works on every major platform and of course it works with Virtual Reality. We have designed it so it runs smoothly on all devices and not just the newest computers, mobile phones and tablets. 

Our competitors usually can connect 16 to 32 users at a time.

With our unique technology we can connect as many as 500 users even with an old iPad2. Why is that important? It is the difference between an empty virtual world and one that feels alive, where you can have a real social experience with hundreds of users. 

The technology can be used in business to business as well as business to consumer. It is safe for corporate environments. It will work flawlessly with the highest security restrictions and firewalls. Companies use it for meetings, education and training. We have customers such as Astra Zeneca, Merck, Gas Natural, Spanish Government and many more.

Consumers too can use it for education, shopping, dating, gaming and casino gambling. The users feel that they are connected to each other like in real life. 

The vision is to create the biggest social network in 3D for mobile devices. Competing with virtual worlds on stationary computers is not part of the plan. The market for mobile devices is ten times bigger and the future of social networks. 

CEO, Indigo Grupo

The Indigo product known as Virtway Meetings facilitates development of soft skills online. This is the best tool on the market to develop a team’s “soft” skills.

We connect online personnel in a unique way and let them have fun while they develop their skills in collaboration, negotiation, planning and leadership.

If external coaches are needed, we will provide professionals certified in our methodology. 

Fun training
With our tool, we see that the participants will want to take part in in the training. The company can use latest content and we turn it into a really fun and interactive training session.

Effective and interactive meetings
Online meetings with more than 10 people are our specialty. The participants may not be able to share a coffee but they will feel like they are together and are doing things together. This is the end of meetings where people don’t engage 100%. Like in real life everyone will know when you aren’t fully into what is important for the group. 

Crowded Events
In our virtual world we can create an event similar to reality: multiple simultaneous conferences, debating areas, rooms for presenting products. All for a fraction of the cost of doing it face-to-face. 

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