The sports industry is on the verge of a digital revolution. Today, established clubs have millions of fans spread out all over the world. Clubs invest substantial amounts of money every year to improve their brands and to attract new fans. But the same clubs lack the products that can attract new revenue streams in unfamiliar digital channels. 

ICYOU is a digital partner to some of the world’s leading football clubs. Today we develop, market and oversee mobile games in cooperation with the clubs. 

The business model is based on in app purchases and advertising in the games. We help clubs to add digital revenue and build solutions in order to connect online and offline offers. Over time we plan to grow within other sports such as basketball, baseball, American football and hockey.

Large corporations such as King and Supercell have grown from the mobile games industry alone. This industry is still growing and has a globally estimated value of $65 billion in year 2020.

"I’ve spent almost 15 years in the gaming industry, most recently as Head of Studio at the Swedish gaming sensation King where I worked for a total of five years.

I’ve followed ICYOU for some time so I didn’t hesitate when the offer to become CEO came my way. What a fantastic business concept we have to work with! Now we are building ICYOU into a successful business by adding knowledge and experience from the industry to the concept.

During the coming 6 months we will focus on building a solid business case to show our strong growth potential. 

Our three-year plan is connected to our overall goal: to build the company value in excess of $100 million EURO.”


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Over 400 million fans reached.

ICYOU has unique contracts with clubs such as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Milan and Celtic. The agreements cover the right to develop and launch games together with the clubs on a revenue share model. Covered by the agreements are the right to use marketing channels owned by the clubs and access to exclusive prizes that are provided by the clubs. The fans then compete in our games to win these prizes. To date the company has developed two games; Powershot Challenge and Striker Challenge. The games are available on Appstore and Google Play under the different club brands, for example: such as Chelsea Striker Challenge and Liverpool Powershot Challenge.

The clubs currently have over 400 million followers (and growing!) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ICYOU and the clubs will use these channels to market the games. This gives us a huge advantage, enabling us to communicate cost-efficiently with the target group for our products.

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