12 Nov, 2018

Virtway Invest can proudly announce that the company is now expanding its investments in the Life Science sector through joint ownership of the Swiss biotechnology company Cellestia AG.

Virtway Invest has accepted a unique offer to become a partner in the Swiss biotechnology company Cellestia AG. Cellestia is a private biotechnology company with a focus on cancer medicine and conducts Phase I / II clinical projects. The potential as well as the expected value of the ongoing studies are very high.

Cellestia develops drugs that in a new, unique way attack certain types of cancer, where there are currently no effective drugs. To date, all tests show good effect with few side effects.

Cellestia was formed in 2014 as a knockout from the Polytechnic Institute in Lausanne. Today’s research and development work is still in Lausanne, while the seat is in Basel. Among Cellestia’s team and shareholders there are a number of very prominent international players from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. One of the main owners is the former CEO of Novartis, David Epstein.

Through the shareholding in Cellestia, Virtway Invest’s portfolio further extends into Life Science, where the company has previously been a partner in SpectraCure.

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