14 Aug, 2019

SpectraCure’s operations are currently focused mainly on two main areas: the clinical phase 2 study and the development of the new generation of SpectraCure’s treatment system. The clinical trial, which deals with the treatment of patients with relapses in prostate cancer using the company’s photodynamic tumor treatment technology (PDT), is ongoing with our partners at the various hospitals. The recruitment of patients for the fall in the phase 2 study is in full swing.

During the summer, the first units of the new generation PDT system were mounted and tested in SpectraCure’s premises in Lund. The tests will continue in the coming weeks and at the same time the regulatory work is taking place to obtain regulatory permission to use the systems in clinical trials.

The hope is that after the authorities’ approval (FDA) get the new generation PDT system for use in the clinical trial and possibly also a fast track, comments Masoud Khayyami, CEO.

During the summer, work has also been done on writing a patent application to protect central parts of the construction on which the new PDT system is based.

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