22 Apr, 2020

Prolight Diagnostics develops test systems within Point of care testing where they are currently completing a prototype that measures highly sensitive troponin. After completing the prototype, clinical trials will begin to show the effectiveness of the instrument. To meet these new opportunities and challenges, Cardeon Futuring Finance takes its responsibility as the company’s single largest owner and proposes a new Board.

Cardeon proposes that the work of the Board will be led by the founder of Prolight Diagnostics, Masoud Khayyami, in the role of Chairman of the Board. Masoud has previously had experience in conducting clinical studies and taking products to market. It is proposed that members of the Board, Ingemar Kihlström and Maria Holmlund are re-elected.

To further strengthen the Board, Cardeon proposes that Ulf Bladin becomes a member. Ulf has extensive experience of holding leading positions in various companies within MedTech, such as Vice President Commercial Operations Europe at Thermo Fisher Scientific Immuno Diagnostics Division.

With this change, we thank Prolight Diagnostics’ current Chairman Mats Persson for being an important and valuable part in taking the company to where it is today. We also thank Maria Holmlund for her work as CEO and look forward to her continued work on the Board. Maria’s experience and knowledge of the company will be of great value in the future. The recruitment of a new CEO is currently taking place, where the goal is that the company will soon be able to announce a replacement.

In a step to connect Prolight Diagnotics closer to Cardeon Futuring Finanace’s operations, we also propose to move both the location and auditor to Lund, Sweden. This will increase efficiency and synergy with Cardeon’s other company holdings Spectracure, Lumito, Reccan Diagnostics and NanoEcho.