08 Oct, 2019

Diagnostics system company Prolight Diagnostics carries out a private placement of 28 million shares, which brings the company about SEK 21 million before costs. The new share issue has been subscribed by a few qualified investors.

The capital is raised to “ensure the implementation and further development of the company’s innovations and to create a good financial position for future negotiations with potential partners”, the company writes in a press release.

The issue price is SEK 0.75 per share, which corresponds to yesterday’s closing price and a discount of 1.1 percent compared to Thursday’s volume-weighted average price. Compared to the last five days of trading, there is a discount of 3.5 percent.

The largest investors in the issue are Cardeon AB and Günther & Wikberg Kapitalförvaltning AB on behalf of customers with SEK 7 million each. Fredrik Nilsson and Roger Jenssen invest SEK 4.3 and 2.5 million respectively.

The new share issue has a dilution effect of 22.2 percent.

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