14 Aug, 2019

Cardeon Futuring Finance is now broadening its portfolio by investing in the well-known research company CarryGenes Therapeutics AB.

CarryGenes has a background from the Karolinska Institute where they have developed a patented chromosome therapy, Cromo-TTM, which has broad clinical use, with a primary focus on immunotherapy and cancer.

Cromo-TTM is a synthetic human microchromosome with the capacity to carry genetic information – with a variety of functions in the human body. This enables clinicians to treat and prevent a variety of diseases in a way that is unparalleled today. Cromo-TTM has been tested in five repeated series and proven safe. The business model involves providing qualified clinics worldwide with care.

In CarryGene’s research group we find, among others, Ola Winqvist, Professor and Chief Physician in Clinical Immunology at Karolinska University Hospital. Ola was previously head of the Swedish Clinical Immunological Association, and now chair of the SLS (Swedish Medical Association) research delegation.

In 2019, CarryGenes received a grant from Sweden’s innovation authority, Vinnova, to create new treatment methods in the field of immunology and potentially improve the treatment of cancer, as well as several other medical conditions.

Cardeon Futuring Finance is Virtway Invest’s platform for investment in Medtech. Cardeon has already invested in companies such as SpectraCure, Lumito and NanoEcho.