Virtway Invest is pleased to announce that our holding company Indigo Group has come to an agreement with worlds number one leading company in Biotech Roche. The subdivision Roche Pharmaceuticals will use Indigos unique 3D-Technology to build a branded virtual environment to improve personal and team skills through collaborative dynamic training and interaction.

Roche Pharmaceuticals, a subdivision of world’s largest biotech company Roche, is focused on translating excellence in science into effective medicines for patients also with critical diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and others. It combines cutting-edge research at Roche, Genentech in the US, Chugai in Japan and over 150 partners worldwide with global scale and reach in clinical development, manufacturing and commercial operations. Roche is one of the world’s leading providers of clinically differentiated medicines.

Roche Pharmaceuticals wants to use an individual, tailored 3D virtual environment for their Multiple Sclerosis Division and their related Team Members worldwide with its own brand name. The intention is to have multiple gaming-related training-scenarios for their commercial delegates and generate collaborative dynamics that reinforce skills such as leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution. Indigo has been the only company who was able to provide not only such an already existing and reliable environment but they were able to add even more additional features that also extends the possibilities for Roche Pharmaceuticals. By using Indigos unique 3D Virtual Environment Technology they plan to improve their internal and client communication processes through virtual auditoriums and dynamic and fun training experiences in a group that makes learning more efficient for both sides. The company also benefits through the reduction of travel costs and new-generated motivation of their employees by using this type of connecting environment.

Roche Pharmaceuticals will also have the ability to assemble and structure their teams and team-members with an new more collaborative focus, install enclosed product showrooms to present and explain new products to medical related specialists, like doctors, scientists and others. The company can also build and form dynamic Focus Groups or private meeting rooms and even knowledge archives for the big-data.

In dynamic times like now it is important to be flexible in any situation at any time and access from all over the world at any time is a basic but major requirement that Indigo already has proven at their other clients and partners like Gas Natural, Astra Zeneca, Merck Group, Psyma Group or the Internet University UNIR. All these clients are using Indigos technologies for communication and collaboration & training solutions in a global market. Indigo is constantly in negotiations with other highly interested companies and organizations who have similar demands and intentions to enhance their team & communications skills.