Indigo organizes virtual work and entrepreneurship exhibition

Indigo organizes virtual work and entrepreneurship exhibition

Indigo organizes the first edition of the virtual job and entrepreneurship exhibition International Talent Forum in The Education District.

On 7th to 11th May, Indigo organizes the first edition of the International Talent Forum. It is a virtual job and entrepreneurial exhibition where Spanish-speaking visitors meet in the purpose of finding new projects, entrepreneurs, start-ups and lecturers.

The main purpose of this innovative exhibition is to make it easier for universities, business and entrepreneurs to come into contact with each other. Each company and university will have their own virtual booth where they can display information visually and meet visitors personally in the virtual environment.

An appreciated part of the exhibition is that the participating companies will do job interviews for real job opportunities with interested participants.

The fair will also include training sessions, conferences and workshops that will allow participants to expand their network.

International Talent Forum is organized in collaboration with companies such as ACCENTURE and EVERIS, and universities such as UNIR and Isabel I. Several well known companies will confirm their participation in the coming weeks. Virtway Invest owns 90% of Indigo. Indigo has developed a unique and world-leading technology for virtual worlds in 3D for mobile platforms.

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