Indigo group welcomes CI3 as a new customer for Virtway Meetings

Indigo group welcomes CI3 as a new customer for Virtway Meetings

Virtway Invest is proud to announce that its portfolio company Indigo Group from Spain continues their aspiring development also in 2018 and signed a contract with their new customer the Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures („CI3“). This non-profit foundation is being supported and funded by some of the most important companies in South-Europe including Spains biggest infrastructure and service operator Ferrovial. CI3 is going to use Virtway Meetings as a platform to train companies organizing and planing upcoming projects for 2020.

The purpose of the Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures (CI3) is to contribute to the promotion and development of information technologies applied to infrastructures. It has been incorporated as a non-profit foundation of general interest by three founding trustees: Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha (JCCM), University of Alcalá (UAH) and Ferrovial. The Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures is to become a reference centre in the research, development and innovation of technology services and products for advanced infrastructure projects in urban and inter-urban environments. One of the main goals is also to foster the research and transfer of technology between the academic and business worlds. The Foundation is also going to publish and inform citizens of the options and services provided by smart infrastructures.
For their project CIUDAD 2020 CI3 defines a new breakaway model of a sustainable city that is efficient and citizen-focused. Its vocation is to be exported worldwide by means of a new city model. Indigos technology Virtway Meetings offers all features for CI3’s plans and aspects for participant companies in this project to have an online training platform and environment under realistic conditions. This means that Indigo is not only going to present and provide their one-of-a-kind solution to the foundation but also to all these companies taking part in that project. For Indigo this means not only a huge opportunity to establish themselves in such kind of demand of technology but is now also accessible and useable by a a huge number of new clients but that their solution is now also visible to the public.

Indigo is totally convinced that those kind of projects are perfect to show how flexible, useful and efficient their technology is and that collaborations with such major leading companies such as Ferrovial with generate synergy effects and help Indigo to continue its way to the top. The company is also still in further discussions with other interested parties for similar projects in complexity and scope that we will report about real soon.

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