This homepage has been produced for information purposes by the board at Virtway Invest AB (publ), organisation number 556933-5952. The homepage is provides information about the offer of investing in the company.


The content of the homepage is based on information provided by the company. Virtway Invest AB’s (publ) Board is responsible for the content and gives assurances that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure the information is correct, and as far as they’re aware corresponds with factual relationships and that nothing has been omitted which could have an impact on its meaning and content.


Statements about future prospects are based on current market conditions, plans and evaluations as well as evaluations of the general business environment. The reader should however be aware that even though the board believes that statements made are calculated, these are still, like all statements about future assessments, based on facts as well as assumptions.

The homepage also contains some third party information. The company has retrieved this information from a number of external sources, for example official statistical bodies and business sector reports. The company confirms that this information has been re-presented accurately and no information has been omitted that could make the information inaccurate or misleading. The company believes that these external sources are trustworthy. No independent assessments have however been made to verify the sources or the trustworthiness of the information. This is why the accuracy or the comprehensiveness of the information cannot be guaranteed.

The board does not take the economic responsibility for the result of the investments that are made on the basis of this homepage.

Even though the boards believes that the future focused information is based on reasonable assessments, the actual development, events and financial development can come to significantly divert from the expectations. An investment in the company is associated with high risk. Those that consider investing in Virtway Invest AB (publ) are encouraged therefore to carefully review this presentation in its entirety.


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