Virtway Invest AB was founded in 2013 by Fredrik Nilsson, an entrepreneur and investor. We currently have offices in Gothenburg and Malmö. We invest in the companies in their early stages of development both in Sweden and abroad.

Our main goal, simply put, is to generate a great return on investment within a reasonable period. A second but equally important goal is to act in a socially responsible manner, particularly in regard to the environment. To attain our first goal, our long-term strategy for growth is to find and add to our portfolio promising, innovative companies in their early stages of development which are expected to generate a good return on investment within a reasonable time frame. When Virtway Invest makes investments, we do so with clear and well thought through growth and exit strategies. In deciding upon the acquisition of a company, we consider such factors as the industry involved and its growth potential, the quality of the company’s products, their stage of development and the market niche they occupy, the potential or actual demand, and the quality of the management. We also consider how best to divest our shares, should we decide to do so - what we refer to as our exit strategy.

We provide our companies with capital and we actively work on business development. As a result of these efforts we now own substantial stakes in several companies with excellent products, which have generated great interest in their respective markets.

Investment in companies in early stages of development provides the greatest potential for growth. This is especially true of companies in the rapidly expanding fields of information technology and virtual reality. We are not passive investors. We work together with our companies to create value in the best and most effective way possible. Our subsidiary, Indigo, is a case in point. Its leading technology has attracted interest among large companies in buying Indigo. Virtway Invest has decided to pursue such opportunities in order to provide an early reward to our investors. In the likely event that a favorable offer is received in the near future, we plan to exit Indigo.

Virtway Invest intends to distribute dividends to our shareholders and continue our growth strategy by adding new exciting holdings to the portfolio. Preparations have also been made for a possible listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our company now has almost one thousand shareholders, and counting.

Chairman of the Board

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Our holdings

We strive for a majority of the shares or key minority stakes in businesses. Among the criteria we apply is that our investment vehicles should have scalable business goals as well as products and services that yield fast results. The objective is to offer our investors an attractive rate of return on their investments within a period of two to three years. All our holdings are evolving rapidly and we are working closely with the companies and their boards. Currently, Virtway Invest has three holdings.

Indigo Groupo SL, a Spanish IT company that has developed a unique technology for virtual worlds.

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ICYou AB, a Swedish IT company that develops mobile games in collaboration with the biggest soccer associations in Europe.

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Odourless Sweden AB, a company that produces, markets, and sells Swedish environmentally friendly and chemical-free deodorant and deodorizers that remove unpleasant odours.

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Fredrik webb


Chairman of the board

The founder and visionary Fredrik has been an active entrepreneur and investor for many years. He has previously worked as a stockbroker at Spectra Kapitalförvaltning and Norvik Securities, among others.

Arvid webb


Head of tech investment

Arvid has more than 15 years’ experience in production and marketing of online gaming. He has worked in rapidly growing businesses such as Betsson, PAF and recently as Head of Studio at King. His extensive knowledge and a vast network of digitally driven business within the tech industry are great assets.

Jonas webb


Chief Executive Officer

Jonas has extensive experience in finance and sales consulting. He also has more than 25 years’ experience in both wholesale and retail with customers in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.

Roger webb


Board member

Roger is a businessman with broad experience in many different business areas, from healthcare to retail. He has over ten years’ experience in distribution, marketing, and sales.