Virtway Invest AB was founded in 2013 by Fredrik Nilsson, an entrepreneur and investor. We currently have offices in Gothenburg and Malmö. We invest in the companies in their early stages of development both in Sweden and abroad.

Our main goal, simply put, is to generate a great return on investment within a reasonable period. A second but equally important goal is to act in a socially responsible manner, particularly in regard to the environment. To attain our first goal, our long-term strategy for growth is to find and add to our portfolio promising, innovative companies in their early stages of development which are expected to generate a good return on investment within a reasonable time frame. When Virtway Invest makes investments, we do so with clear and well thought through growth and exit strategies. In deciding upon the acquisition of a company, we consider such factors as the industry involved and its growth potential, the quality of the company’s products, their stage of development and the market niche they occupy, the potential or actual demand, and the quality of the management. We also consider how best to divest our shares, should we decide to do so - what we refer to as our exit strategy.

We provide our companies with capital and we actively work on business development. As a result of these efforts we now own substantial stakes in several companies with excellent products, which have generated great interest in their respective markets.

Investment in companies in early stages of development provides the greatest potential for growth. This is especially true of companies in the rapidly expanding fields of information technology and virtual reality. We are not passive investors. We work together with our companies to create value in the best and most effective way possible. Our subsidiary, Indigo, is a case in point. Its leading technology has attracted interest among large companies in buying Indigo. Virtway Invest has decided to pursue such opportunities in order to provide an early reward to our investors. In the likely event that a favorable offer is received in the near future, we plan to exit Indigo.

Virtway Invest intends to distribute dividends to our shareholders and continue our growth strategy by adding new exciting holdings to the portfolio. Preparations have also been made for a possible listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our company now has almost one thousand shareholders, and counting.

Chairman of the Board

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We strive for a majority of the shares or key minority stakes in businesses. Among the criteria we apply is that our investment vehicles should have scalable business goals as well as products and services that yield fast results. The objective is to offer our investors an attractive rate of return on their investments within a period of two to three years.

"In line with our goal, to act in a socially responsible way, we never invest in companies whose activities or products can adversely affect people or the environment."

Fredrik webb


Chairman of the board

The founder and visionary Fredrik has been an active entrepreneur and investor for many years. He has previously worked as a stockbroker at Spectra Kapitalförvaltning and Norvik Securities, among others.

Jonas webb


Chief Executive Officer

Jonas has extensive experience in finance and sales consulting. He also has more than 25 years’ experience in both wholesale and retail with customers in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.

Roger webb


Board member

Roger is a businessman with broad experience in many different business areas, from healthcare to retail. He has over ten years’ experience in distribution, marketing, and sales.

Arvid webb


Head of tech investment

Arvid has more than 15 years’ experience in production and marketing of online gaming. He has worked in rapidly growing businesses such as Betsson, PAF and recently as Head of Studio at King. His extensive knowledge and a vast network of digitally driven business within the tech industry are great assets.

Anders Malm


Active Equity

"Change management" is an expression he gladly uses when describing his experiences. In recent years, he was acting as CEO of Pharmatech Inc., Denver, and subsequently in Ecron Acunova GmbH in Frankfurt, both innovative companies in clinical drug development.


Virtway Invest owns 90% of Indigo. Indigo has developed a unique and world leading technology for virtual worlds in 3D and it is platform independent. The technology allows the users to use desktop computers, gaming consoles, or mobile platforms such as mobile phones and tablets.

Indigo is building the first social network in 3D for mobile phones. This globally virtual place will be the center for entertainment, socializing with friends, education, dating, games, casino, live sports, movies, and much more. Indigo’s competitors are is able to connect 32 users in one virtual environment.

Indigo can connect 500 users in one single virtual room. The users can communicate through VOIP at the same time as they are actively participating in a meeting. Indigo is the only company that can connect to the Internet through firewalls and proxy. This means that we currently have customers such as Astra Zeneca, Psyma Group, Merck, UNIR, and many more who conduct training and meetings in our virtual environment.

There are several virtual worlds with annual turnover of between €30M and €100M (IMVU, Second Life...). This turnover comes from selling virtual products to users such as clothing for their avatars, furniture for their apartment or rental of private spaces. These worlds are focused on Windows/MAC platforms whose growth in users has been limited in recent years. This is a result of the increasing popularity of mobile devices. Indigo’s plan is essentially to focus on iOS and Android, where its product is an absolute leader in performance and user experience. The technology is very advanced. It can provide users with such experiences as having their own virtual house with garden and purchasing clothing and accessories for their avatars while they interact with other virtual world users.


Human beings can smell ten thousand different scents. Fragrances and odors consist of particles that we take in with our noses. This means that when you smell something, you actually breathe in small particles of what smells. Not all smells are nice, and there are definitely some particles we want to avoid. Our products remove the particles that smell bad, and the bad smell disappears without being covered by a different scent. Our products are made of natural materials and have no negative impact on either people or the environment. Our products are not tested on animals.

Thomas Oden at Oden AB invented the fragrance-free natural deodorizer Yocoair 20 years ago, and has since sold this product successfully through some of Sweden’s leading retailers such as Mekonomen, ÖoB, Stadium, Clas Ohlson and Anticimex. Last year a new product was patented. Na14 is a deodorant, free of aluminum salts, alcohol, perfume, biocides, and parabens. Today it is sold at leading pharmacies such as Apoteket, Apoteket Hjärtat, and Apotea. The products can be used in a wide range of situations, since they neutralize most bad smells. Sales have been conducted on a small scale over the years without customer visits or any signifi- cant marketing. Both the product and the market are now ready for vigorous expansion, both nationally and internationally.

Today, Odourless Sweden AB owns the exclusive right to produce, market, and sell the product outside of Scandinavia and has filed patent applications in all major markets except Sweden. We are negotiating the acquisition of Odén AB which owns the patent and has the exclusive right to sell the products in Sweden.


The sports industry is on the verge of a digital revolution. Today, established clubs have millions of fans spread out all over the world. Clubs invest substantial amounts of money every year to improve their brands and to attract new fans. But the same clubs lack the products that can attract new revenue streams in unfamiliar digital channels.

ICYOU is a digital partner to some of the world’s leading football clubs. Today we develop, market and oversee mobile games in cooperation with the clubs. The business model is based on in app purchases and advertising in the games. We help clubs to add digital revenue and build solutions in order to connect online and offline offers. Over time we plan to grow within other sports such as basketball, baseball, American football and hockey.

Large corporations such as King and Supercell have grown from the mobile games industry alone. This industry is still growing and has a globally estimated value of $65 billion in year 2020.


Active Equity is the department of Virtway Invest, which works with smaller company holdings.

Both listed and unlisted.


SpectraCure is a start-up company from Lund University departments for medical laser applications and physics. The company focuses on cancer treatments using medical systems with laser light sources and reactive drugs, which are referred to as "Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy", PDT, a treatment methodology suitable for internal solid tumours of various kind, e.g. prostate and abdominal salivary glands, but also other indications such as cancer of the head and neck.

SpectraCures share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since (29/06 2015) under the ticker (SPEC) and is traded through banks and stockbrokers.

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Savosolar is a game changer of solar thermal energy. We provide the world’s most efficient energy supply at the lowest energy cost. Our solar thermal collectors are the most efficient in the world for large scale systems, and were invented by a group of Finnish entrepreneurs and engineers who wanted to use their coating expertise to make a difference by offering the world better and cleaner energy solutions.

Only 18 months after the foundation of the company, Savosolar won the world’s most prestigious solar award – the Intersolar Award.

Acast (1)

Acast’s patent-pending technology enables them to interact with podcast creators in new, exciting ways, following and sharing moments from their favorite shows. They also help listeners discover new content. Acast suggest new voices and popular shows, as well as fully curated lists. Acast podcasts also include extra videos, images, audio clips, and external links that enrich the experience. Acast makes good stories great.


Cellestia develops drugs that in a new, unique way attack certain types of cancer, where there are currently no effective drugs. To date, all tests show good effect with few side effects.

Cellestia was formed in 2014 as a knockout from the Polytechnic Institute in Lausanne. Today's research and development work is still in Lausanne, while the seat is in Basel. Among Cellestia's team and shareholders there are a number of very prominent international players from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. One of the main owners is the former CEO of Novartis, David Epstein.



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